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Rhonda Tranks

Rhonda Tranks, Director
Illuma Consulting

Our world is becoming more complex and more competitive. It demands we do things differently and with greater effectiveness. Challenges must be approached together, through shared learning, collaborative approaches and bold thinking unfettered by ineffective relationships.

Illuma’s role is to act as a catalyst for exploring and attaining positive change and successful outcomes for you and your organisation; shedding light on new possibilities and pathways for individuals, groups and whole organisations.

Organisational Change

Change is at the heart of everything we do at Illuma. We recognise the struggle that goes on within individuals and organisations as they adapt in this rapidly and constantly changing world. We help you prepare for change and develop resilience during periods of transition, enabling those “ah-ha!” moments that ignite the spark that creates energy for action.


We work with groups of all shapes and sizes across organisations – engaging staff and stakeholders through collaborative, facilitated workshops that enhance relationships and achieve far better organisational outcomes.

Facilitation Training

We also specialise in training and mentoring group facilitators through workshops, on-line learning programs and mentoring (face to face or virtual).

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Training and Development

Complete “soup-to-nuts” training design from needs analysis to full package materials and delivery of engaging facilitated training related to leadership, “soft” skills, team development and group facilitation.


We work with individuals in one-on-one coaching assignments where they need to become more effective contributors to the team and the organisation. We also do team coaching.

“I have faith that people know many things. Our expertise lies in drawing out that knowledge, encouraging people to shift perspectives to open up to new possibilities and contexts for applying their wisdom.

Contact me for a chat about how we can work with you to light up new pathways. I’m always up for a face to face or virtual coffee.”

Rhonda Tranks, Director, Illuma Consulting

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia and work internationally: face-to-face and virtually. Call us to discuss how we can help you.

Member of the IAFAccredited Change Manager


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