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Case Studies: Restructure, Virtual Board Meeting, Team Development, Coaching

Case Study – Aftermath of a Restructure

A large branch of a complex organisation was being split in two, with nearly 50% of the staff moving to a new business. The new leadership recognised the urgent need to address declining morale and increased confusion.
By the time Illuma was called in to work with staff during this transition period there were a lot of very unhappy campers. Those moving to the new business were particularly discontent. Starting with the executive team Rhonda Tranks, together with Suzanne Walshe conducted a series of our “Navigating the Rapids of Change” workshops. Attendance was not compulsory but before long there was a waiting list to attend the workshops.
Evaluations indicated the workshops greatly helped people understand the nature of change, their responses to it and that they were applying new insights and strategies in their work and their lives. People were being more proactive. Morale and confusion reduced as people started to view the change differently and be more proactively engaged in what was happening. The workshops were certainly an excellent investment from both stress reduction and productivity perspectives.

Case Study – Virtual Board meeting –around the world consensus

An international member organisation had reached a critical point with a decision needing to be made on changing its structure. An extraordinary board meeting was called that required attendance of people from North America, Europe, Africa and the Asia/Pacific region. Not all could attend in person and about 40% of Board members were to attend the one-day meeting virtually (by phone or skype).
Rhonda Tranks worked with the client to design a process that would be collaborative and inclusive despite logistical and relationship challenges. We utilised skype for break-out groups, ensured data could be seen by all at the same time (via different mediums) and even managed some whole group brainstorming.
By the end of the day we had navigated some very difficult moments and reached a remarkable 100% consensus. This didn’t happen by chance. It was due to carefully thought through communications; a well designed process; lots of planning, strong technical support and attentive “present” facilitation.

Case Study – Is it too late? Emotional and messy team development and coaching

As relationships broke down between key members of staff, a team was becoming increasingly dysfunctional with productivity severely compromised and staff taking stress and other leave. It was becoming a costly problem. The client initially canvassed the idea of mediation. It became clear that many parties were involved, so we agreed to work with the whole team. We designed a multi-faceted approach involving team development meetings, meetings between groups of individuals, meetings with management and individual coaching.
An initial team development day succeeded in opening a can of worms as we all realised this would be a complex and challenging intervention. Problems had a long and complex history, some issues were systemic and the team lacked an agreed, shared purpose. Illuma started by using the Klein Group Instrument to help team members understand themselves and each other in relation to delivering on (the contested) team task and how they related to each other. Each team member had a personal coaching session relating to their KGI report with individual follow-up on their personal development plans. In addition, more intensive coaching was undertaken with the key team members, some of it conducted virtually by our associate Sheryl Smail.
Staff and structural changes were made within the team. Relationships gradually started to repair, individuals took on more responsibility, work output improved considerably and the threat of more Workcover claims dissipated. Management and staff attributed this to the different elements of our intervention and staff continue to use the KGI for developmental purposes.

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