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Fundamental shifts are totally altering our world and the world of work. Change has become the only real constant – and yet we still see leaders and organisations embarking on new directions or restructuring without thinking through the full impact on staff and productivity.

Staff are often cynical about hackneyed phrases such as “embrace the change” and talk of “change fatigue”.

We don’t have all of the answers – no-one does. But we do know that “pull” works more effectively than “push” and also that people look to their leaders to help make sense of changes.

Organisations and individuals must learn to operate in this new world of uncertainty with resilience.

We can help you, your leaders and your teams explore and prepare for undercurrents so you can navigate through the challenges of organisational change. We consult on the people and relationship aspects of change relating to restructures and mergers and help build resilience for the changes to come.

In addition to consulting and assistance with strategy for change, we offer a one-day “Navigating the Rapids of Change” workshop. It is designed for all levels of staff and explores the nature and impact of change in various contexts. The workshop helps staff put changes in perspective and develops personal and organisational resilience.

Rhonda Tranks is a member of the Change Management Institute.

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