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Rhonda Tranks

Director and Principal Consultant

Rhonda is one of Australia’s most experienced facilitators and organisational trainers. She has long recognised that, by getting people to shift perspective and open up to new ways of thinking, great change is possible.

“My approach is to shed light on new possibilities and pathways, drawing people towards their own realisations, encouraging them to explore better options and to use their knowledge in new contexts.

Rhonda’s OD, L&D and consulting background includes more than 30 years experience across Australia, Asia, Europe, USA and Mexico. It includes HR, executive search, leadership development, change management, group facilitation, training and education and organisational consulting.

She held management roles in the federal and state public service, has worked in executive search and in the 1990’s was director of The Learning and Training Alliance – a training company.

Her career has involved her in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. She has worked with CEOs, board members, executive teams, middle managers, professionals and front-line operational staff. Rhonda was a Director of Telos Partners Australia for 5 years before forming Illuma Consulting in January 2009.

In addition to the management and consulting roles above, she had a catering business in New York City and a cultural and culinary tours business in Mexico.

Apart from a Bachelor of Arts Rhonda holds a number of accreditations and is a Certified Professional Facilitator.

Rhonda sat on the global board of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) for 2.5 years in two different roles and was convener of the highly successful IAF Melbourne conference in March 2012. She remains very active in the Oceania Region. Rhonda has conducted Workshops at International Facilitation Conferences in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan, Korea, India and Switzerland.

She is also a member of the Change Management Institute and hold Associate Membership with Group Relations Australia.

Heather Stallmach

Project Support & Administration

Heather looks after our administration and co-ordinates projects. She has a background in training and facilitation, business improvement, project management and administration. Her extensive project experience ranges from working as a project team member, project and program manager, to delivering project management training and coaching. She has a passion for continuous improvement and is always looking for ways to improve business processes, services & communication with clients to achieve better outcomes.

Her attention to detail and organisational skills ensure her teams and customers know what needs to happen and when, and her calm and unflappable nature means that if things do go wrong, they are fixed with the minimum of fuss.

Ron Stallmach

Design & IT

Ron has run his own design company for the past 15 years, doing web and graphic design, branding, customer liaison and project management. Ron tries to avoid the hype around the latest and greatest, and focuses on customer friendly design & IT solutions. Ron looks after graphic design of resources and materials for Illuma including workbooks and materials that accompany our workshops and training design projects. Clients love the quality and thoughtfulness that go into his designs.

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