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Facilitators in Tokyo

I’m back now from the annual face-to-face board meeting of the International Association of Facilitators which this year was held in Tokyo.

The Board meets virtually every month and as the by-laws require, once a year we meet in person.

I was the Regional Director for Oceania from June 2010 to December 2012 when I took on the brand new role of Marketing and Partnerships. Nelli Noakes has taken over as Regional Director for Oceania.

Facilitators-in-TokyoIt was a pleasure to be working again with my Board colleagues from all over the world. We are all volunteers and dedicate a lot of time to this professional membership organisation. It was a pretty intense meeting and some major decisions were made which we believe will take the IAF properly into this next decade. A broadening offer for certification and accrediting training programs are just some of the things IAF members will see happening in the near future as well as more professional development opportunities, embracing doing more of this virtually and doing more to attract younger members. More chapters are being formed around the world and more is being translated in Spanish and Mandarin.

One of the most exciting aspects of the meeting was the opportunity for us to meet with Board members of the Japan Association of Facilitators. We look forward to forging a closer alliance with FAJ, particularly as the IAF Asia Conference this year will be hosted in Yokohama in conjunction with FAJ (September). At this stage I’m planning to attend and I’m looking forward to meeting up with my Japanese facilitator colleagues and friends.

Rhonda Tranks (in the blue sweater with my budgerigar scarf)

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