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Joining The Bits and Pieces: A holistic framework for facilitation

How have you learned facilitation? For many it’s been in bits and pieces: courses, workshops; PD sessions; reading; discussions with colleagues; on-line research etc. Facilitation is complex and dynamic. How do these bit and pieces relate and work as a system?

Your professional background e.g. IT, L&D may have provided you with a specific approach. Perhaps that approach needs be integrated into a broader framework to work more effectively with different groups and contexts.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been developing and refining Illuma’s framework of facilitation. After much thinking and tinkering I’ve settled on a final framework. People have said they find the model is equally useful for facilitative training and even change and leadership.

I’ve now developed a one-day workshop for experienced facilitators to examine different elements of facilitation and their experience and integrate these elements into a dynamics, holistic framework. We explore how parts systemically relate to the whole and what this means for you as a facilitator, your clients and for achieving productive outcomes. We work with your live case and situations.

It will be run as a one-day pre-conference workshop at the 17th IAF Conference in Hualien, Taiwan on 31 August, 2016.

Here’s a brief video:

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