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Apart from being able to design complete programs from the ground up, we offer customised training programs, along with the following generic programs which can be run as public courses or adapted for in-house programs. Here’s a sample:

The Essential Facilitator

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How much time, energy and money is wasted in poorly conceived and ineptly conducted meetings in your workplace? A skilled group facilitator can help you achieve much better outcomes. That facilitator need not come from outside your organisation. You have a valuable untapped resource in your own staff.

The workshop is perfect for:

  • Leaders facilitating rather than chairing meetings a meeting; Consultants working with groups;
  • Trainers being trainers being called upon for process facilitation rather than presentations
  • SME’s Agile and Process Improvement Practitioners, Project Managers
  • Anyone needing to lead collaborative meetings with positive outcomes

This workshop can also be conducted in-house to develop a cohort of internal facilitators. Contact us for more information.

Why you should learn facilitation with Illuma

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Understanding Group Functioning Using Aesthetic, Intuitive Senses

with Dr George Will and Rhonda Tranks Tuesday 24 May 2016

Download (PDF, 124KB)

As facilitators what guides when & how we intervene in groups? What are we noticing in others? What is in our awareness of ourselves?

“Group Work” provides participants with an opportunity to attend to personal, interpersonal and group dynamic issues and to monitor changes in thought, feeling and behaviour. The processes will inform participants of the experience of group leadership and facilitation.

We will be assisting participants to: observe what is going on in others; switch attention to their own internal processes and find helpful ways to express one’s self. As the group progresses we expect a sharpening of awareness of one’s internal referents and the group dynamics that may emerge. Workshop participants will be encouraged to be respectful, empathic, concrete and immediate in their expressions. As the workshop proceeds, a focus on the experience of individual members will be balanced with reflections on group processes and the group dynamics that emerge.

This one day workshop is being held in conjunction with the International Association of Facilitators Oceania Conference in May. The conference program has this workshop categorised as:

  • “self-development”: pushing your own boundaries—exploring and developing yourself as a person and
    facilitator and,
  • “deep dive”: a deeper dive into who you are and how you work with groups – expect to be challenged.

Contact us for more information.

The Facilitative Trainer

This highly experiential two day workshop helps you move from traditional instructor / trainer mode to working with and building upon the knowledge and experience already in the room. Much of the learning for this requires a shift in mind-set from “expert” to learning collaborator and letting go of the feeling that the person “up-front” is there to control or perform. You will be introduced to frameworks, models and approaches to facilitative training through short formal presentations and a range of participatory activities. On the second day you’ll be immersed in vital practice and experience sessions where you get the opportunity to co-deliver a 20-30 minute segment and receive helpful feedback from peers and the trainers.
The workshop is enjoyable, practical and challenging.

Contact us for more information.

Navigating the Rapids of Change

This one day workshop is normally conducted in-house as part of a change and transition management program. Participants explore the nature and impact of change from the personal and organisational perspective and within a broader social context. The workshop allows people to take stock of where they are now and increase their levels of self determination and resilience in current and future changes.

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