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Nurturing the seeds of Facilitation – in Malaysia

au_seedpods3A while ago I was approached by facilitator colleagues in Kuala Lumpur to lead a plenary session at the forthcoming Malaysia Facilitators’ Conference (25 & 26 May). It’s all happening. They have organised a great line up of workshop leaders, so I’m delighted to be on the same program as them and I’m honoured to be allocated 3 hours and 45 minutes for this “all in” plenary workshop.

The conference theme is Nurturing the Seeds of Facilitation: Individual, Organisation, Community. My workshop title is From nurturing to fruition: developing capability and achieving productive outcomes for yourself, organisations and communities.

I’ll be introducing a framework for working with the complexities of facilitating in organisational and community settings. We will also will draw together the threads of the conference, create a shared meaning and develop a deeper understanding of the facilitator’s role as nurturer.

Here are some of the questions we’ll be exploring in the plenary workshop.

  • What does it mean for us to “nurture” through facilitating and who or what are we nurturing anyway – ourselves, the individuals, the group, the outcomes or the organisation?
  • How do we bring our facilitated events to a productive outcome? If our facilitated events were a garden how would we nurture it and so that seeds thrive and our events come successfully to fruition.
  • How do we help individuals, groups, organisations and communities flourish through our work as facilitators?

What are your thoughts on these questions?

It could be a very big group. I’ve promised that a range of facilitation methods and participatory techniques will be demonstrated, experienced and discussed. I’ve said participants will walk away with ideas and a practical plan to nurture their own seeds for development as a facilitator so that their groups reach more productive outcomes.

So now I just need to design a process and prepare so I deliver on that promise.

Back to work …

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