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Off to China – and no, I’m not going near “The Wall”

As East Asia takes vacation to celebrate Chinese New Year I’m preparing to run facilitator training in China.

After the IAF Asia Conference in Hualien, Taiwan last September I was invited to by INTENTS Management Consulting to run a public training workshop for facilitators in Shanghai.

Holistic Facilitation will be 4 days of training (25-28 February) that brings together two Illuma workshops: “The Essential Facilitator” and “Joining The Bits and Pieces: Illuma’s Holistic Framework of Facilitation”. I’ve never done 4 concurrent days with simultaneous translation, so that will be my personal challenge.

The fish reference is because my model of facilitation apparently looks like the infamous Takifugu. Though we promise there’s nothing toxic about the workshop – on the contrary aspects of the program look at how to prevent and deal with some damaging group dynamics.

If you are thinking Shanghai might be a great place to do some training with me (and indulge your inner tourist and foodie) than I’m afraid it’s too late as I believe the program is booked out already.

On February 28th in the evening I’ll be running a workshop for the broader facilitation community in Shanghai. “Unlocking the Diversity Within” looks at ways of maximizing diverse thinking and preventing Groupthink in homogeneous groups. I’ve run this workshop at IAF Conferences in Geneva and Adelaide.

My flight brings me home via Hong Kong, so I’m taking the opportunity to spend time with IAF facilitator colleagues for a couple of days. On Saturday March 4 I’m running a workshop for the IAF Hong Kong Chapter entitled What’s Your Position: Using Space to Explore Different Perspectives.

The trip is about building bridges within and between groups and cultures …not walls 🙂

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