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Team Tune-Up

Unfortunately and all-too-often clients come to us when the situation with a work team has reached crisis point. The financial cost of repairs blows out and sometimes a major overhaul (or worse) is needed – not to mention the impact on the business that can be hard to measure. Return on Investment with a Team Tune-Up starts to look very attractive.
So, to maintain the performance of your team how about a Team Tune-Up? This usually involves some diagnostic checks and putting the team in for a “service “which normally takes about a day. Like regular servicing for your car or a health check up with your doctor, it’s an investment. Some tweaks and adjustments here and there and things are set to run the distance for the next year or more (or 20,000 kilometres – which ever comes first). Sometimes more comprehensive work is needed which may involve coaching and follow up team development work.

Contact us for a “kick the tires / obligation free” discussion on Team Tune-Up for your team.


Turn Teams Around with the KGI

The Klein Group Instrument (KGI™) for Effective Leadership and Participation in Teams is used for coaching, leadership and team development. KGI™is unique in its ability to assess a range of behaviours that are essential for effective leadership and teamwork. The KGI™ explores people’s patterns of group behaviour along four critical dimensions – Leadership, Negotiation Orientation, Task Focus and Interpersonal Focus. The four major scales are broken down into nine subscales that provide you and your team with action steps to boost your performance.

Rhonda Tranks is in regular contact with Dr Robert Klein who developed the Klein Group Instrument. He visited Australia in March/April 2009 at the invitation of Illuma Consulting. Insightful and highly successful workshops were conducted in Melbourne and Sydney. In October 2012 she spent a weekend with Robert Klein in Massachusetts further refining her knowledge of the KGI and discussing a new Facilitator’s Guide he is currently writing.

Click here to download a KGI brochure.

Please contact us for more information about the KGI™.


Instruments and Profiling Tools

Depending on the context and the needs of the client we utilise a range of instruments in our coaching, team development and leadership development projects – including MBTI. KGI, Facet5 and the Roche Martin suite of profiling tools for Emotional Intelligence.


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