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Rhonda worked on a Women in Leadership project for us in 2010. She and her design team (Heather and Ron) created and developed 2 versions of this Diversity and Inclusion programme that was rolled out globally to hundreds of women in the organisation. 2 years later, the programme has gained a great reputation and we still have groups of talented women going through the programmes.
What we really appreciate about the work Illuma did for us is that they produced a sustainable product. The facilitator guides are self-explanatory for an experienced facilitator to pick up and run with. The programme content and methods are participative, collaborative and really work to deliver the expected outcomes. Even after two years, we just need to do some minor updating of certain dated pieces of content.
I met Rhonda through the IAF, where she and I had a long-distance mentor coach relationship following my certification as a Certified Professional Facilitator. We have remained in each other’s communities of practice since 2009 and I appreciate the opportunity to work with Rhonda whenever the occasion arises.
“If you ever have moments when you wonder about the value of what you do, just call to mind the hundreds of women who have gone through these programmes you designed and how it has benefited them!”

FO, L&D Manager, Banking and Finance


When I was interviewing to restructure and refine a training concept, Rhonda was the outstanding applicant. Her relationship style and flexibility brought a synergy to the work that resulted in a sound training course that is highly valued by my organisation. Of added benefit was the access Illuma provided to Textus graphic layout. The end product is a clear and concise layout that is warm and colourful. Course participants love the handbook and evaluations of the content show we got it right. We continue to engage Rhonda for a range of facilitation and training needs.
SM, Manager, Health


Rhonda worked in a complex virtual and physical facilitating environment with international board members across different continents. Her facilitation enabled the Board to reach consensus decisions. Her support, frank and practical advice was appreciated in the preparation time leading into this critical meeting for the Association. I describe her as personable and expert in what she does with high integrity.
MD, International Professional Association


One of the most powerful, productive and low cost learning programs we ran was based around training and supporting a pool of internal facilitators to work with business leadership teams across the state. When the CEO brought the managers of the ten best performing business areas together and asked them how they had done it they cited this facilitated process as the key reason. It also proved a no cost high potential program as the volunteer facilitators grew from their experiences and many were promoted. There was also some big business savings such as a massive drop in costs in some areas directly attributable to actions arising from these programs.
Rhonda trained the facilitators, advised and supported us to manage the program, provided the quarterly professional development we offered to the pool and encouraged them to participate in the International Association of Facilitators where she is very active.
It is hard to describe in a few words how valuable this was and how much Rhonda was key to making it all work. I think the model would be very adaptable to facilitate team learning and work within tight fiscal constraints.
DH, Public Sector


Applying as a mentee for the International Association of Facilitators mentor program, it was my absolute delight when I discovered that Rhonda had been assigned as my mentor. From our first to our last session, Rhonda guided and counselled me and shared incredible wisdom and showed depth of experience, where real issues and challenges could be unpacked to support my personal and professional growth.
MM, Consultant and Facilitator


 Testimonials – Foundations of Facilitation Workshop

The content of the workshop was great. I liked that it was small group, so we all got the chance to participate and contribute and you could pay attention to each of us in the practice sessions and give us individual feedback. And also your style – you have a warm and collaborative approach, and made it ‘safe’ to ask any questions. It was great to be able to pick up practical tips from the way you run facilitation sessions.
CL, Government


Thank you it was very valuable practical learning but with frameworks and theory as well. I learned heaps and am already putting it into practice. I recommend this to anyone who needs to facilitate groups and meetings, not just people like me wanting to move more into facilitation as a job.
DJ, Education


It was good to look back on the two days and the value I received from the program. Amazing as it sounds, the two days just didn’t seem long enough, I could have spent a week in practise, and to have more time with some of the theory. I felt very supported with the framework of the 2 days and the wealth of information and tools that I came away with. They were a good group of people and I learned from observing too. Venue gets a check too. Thank you so much Rhonda for your expertise and generosity. It was thoroughly enjoyable! I look forward to speaking with you at our group follow-up meeting on webex.
MF, Consultant


Thank you for a great course. It was a very supportive environment which encouraged learning and experimentation. The learning that I took away? It was mostly around letting a group be in control, being there but not there at the same time; being aware of when to step in and when to stay out and to try to read the dynamics and journey of the group.
JB, Not-for-Profit


I thoroughly enjoyed the program and what excited me the most was that there is so much creativity involved in designing process. I have moved away from the thinking that facilitation of groups has a set method. What I have learnt is that groups can be as dynamic and creative as you want them to be. So it will change how I design process and generally think about what can be done and achieved in groups. I think I have greatly improved my skills in facilitation since the training.
NC, Health


I really enjoyed the program as a taster to facilitation. It made me realise that it is a tricky thing to do well. I got excited by creative tools to use in different group situations at work. I was particularly interested with ideas around the ‘groan zone’ and the need to get the ‘crux’ of issues out in the open early on in a facilitation session.


I took away a greater understanding of ‘facilitation” as opposed to training or other structured group processes that I have been trained to plan and lead. I was interested in the visual / physical ways of capturing and working with information – on whiteboard, on the sticky wall etc. One area of interest was around responsibility for group process and the ‘success’ of the process, or outcomes. What is the facilitator’s responsibility, and what responsibility belongs to the group?
SP, Not-for-Profit


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