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As a facilitator and trainer, I work with groups of all shapes and sizes across organisations – engaging staff and stakeholders through collaborative, facilitated workshops that enhance working relationships and achieve results. Whether it’s a company retreat, team development, strategy workshop, designing and delivering training programs or working your way through complex problems I’m here to help you.

As my client for a facilitation assignment I’ll work closely with you to clarify your needs, deliverables and intended result. I’ll then design an appropriate, inclusive, outcomes-focused agenda specific for your situation.
As a participant in an event facilitated by me, your voice will be heard, and your perspective will be taken into account. You will be engaged in a variety of methods designed to surface issues and achieve a positive result – whether it is a strategy and planning event, working through change or developing a robust team.

Whether they are in-person or on-line, my training workshops are engaging, interactive and productive. With a background in adult learning and organisational development I can flex to the needs of individual and the group, adapting as we go while delivering a quality learning experience that meets objectives.

I also specialise in training and mentoring group facilitators through workshops, on-line learning programs and mentoring.

Rhonda is a Certified Professional Facilitator | Master with the International Association of Facilitators.
She attained CPF accreditation in January 2007 and was awarded the CPF Master Status in April 2020, among the first to be awarded this new status.
She has been an Endorsed Assessor with the IAF.

What it’s like being in a workshop facilitated by Rhonda